Well, we made it, through the middle of July, with scorching temperatures.
Our trees, whether by the street or on your property, are probably stressed, due to the heat and prolonged drought. We really can’t afford to lose them.
First and foremost, pruning trees this time of year is a no-no. Most folks, as well as so called tree trimming services, are clueless. Foliage on trees produces food by photosynthesis.
Removing a heavy amount of foliage this time of year will only stress trees out and possibly kill them.
Here are my summer tree care suggestions.

  1. Evaluation: Have your tree evaluated by a certified arborist.
  2. Soil care: Most of the problems with trees emanate from poor soil composition and structure.
    As I have mentioned in previous columns, our soil is alkaline. This makes the foliage on the trees turn yellow. Alkaline soil is high in salt with no nutrition.
    The addition of organic humus, sulfur and trace elements will help improve the health of the tree. Improving the composition and structure of the soil will help improve the trees health.
    Aeration of the soil is another way to increase oxygen and water to the root system.
  3. Irrigation: Like humans, the hotter the temperatures, trees crave water more.
    This is especially true with new and young trees.
    Also, when watering, water deep. Sprinkling water on top of the soil will not help your tree.
    Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or concerns about your trees (mark_koehler@yahoo.com).