From May 16 through 22, members of Firebaugh FFA went to the Chowchilla Fair.

There were only a couple of students who went at a time and they were able to take their animals to show and sell.

Students have been working with and raising their animals for several months preparing them for the fair. They have also been working on learning how to compete in showmanship from experts who came to visit our students in Firebaugh to prepare them to do the best possible at the show in Chowchilla.

Celeste Ramos took our pygmy goat, to fair on Tuesday he ended up placing fourth in his class and she took third in advanced pygmy goat showmanship! Thank you to all our supporters this year at the Chowchilla Fair.

In the market goat class Susana Gamino got first place, Denise Perez placed second and Citlali Gamino placed fourth. Denise Perez placed third, Susana Gamino placed fourth, and Citlali Gamino placed eighth in market goat novice showmanship.

In the market sheep class, Jissel Cortes placed first. For third place, Jerania Gutierrez, Jennifer Cortes, and Karol Marquez tied. The Firebaugh FFA got “Champion chapter/club group” because of all the times they placed. Lastly, we had sheep showmanship, for novice showmanship Jissel Cortes placed third and in advanced showmanship Karol Marquez placed sixth.

The four market swine exhibitors all competed and had successful day.

On May 20 our poultry and rabbit exhibitors attended the fair. In  novice poultry showmanship Octavio Ocegueda placed first, Janet Rios placed second, Alma Martinez placed third and Josalynn Navarro placed fourth.

The Firebaugh FFA’s rabbit project had a great showing at the Chowchilla Fair. Michelle Gamino won champion single fryer and second place in FFA novice rabbit showmanship. She then moved up to Intermediate FFA rabbit showmanship and placed fifth. Chisum Demmers won first place in advanced FFA rabbit showmanship, second place in small animal round robin and third place single fryer. Samuel Hernandez won first place intermediate FFA rabbit showmanship, moved up to advanced and placed second. Guadalupe Quinteros placed second in intermediate FFA rabbit showmanship, and best overall fur. Mayham Jauregui placed fourth in novice FFA rabbit showmanship. Randall Coffman placed sixth in intermediate FFA rabbit showmanship, Shaun Ramirez placed seventh and Jesie Guzman placed eighth. Ramona Jalomo placed eightth in advanced FFA rabbit showmanship.