Greetings, Westside Express readers, and a hearty welcome to the latest edition of your hometown newspaper! I am thrilled to embark on this writing journey with you. My name is Martina Bekasha, and I am delighted to be contributing to this newspaper.

Currently immersed in the rigors of a university, I find myself in the final stretch of my graduate studies at CSU Stanislaus. Having a bachelor’s degree in English, I am now poised to obtain my master’s in English with a specialized focus on writing studies.

My aspirations extend beyond scholarly pursuit; I have a desire to share the nuances of the English language with college students as I go forward.

The written word has always held a profound significance in my life, serving as a conduit through which I can express my  thoughts and emotions. Writing, for me, transcends mere communication; it is a deeply personal experience, offering solace and clarity.

When I was in elementary school,  I fondly recall writing fantastical tales of boundless imagination. Encouraged by my mother’s support, I worked on my literary skills with eagerness. Years later, when I came across those early writings, I realized I had some talent for writing even in fourth grade.

Later in my schooling, the call of storytelling beckoned me back with an irresistible allure. Resuming my creative writing several years later, I found peace and joy in the act of writing again.

Having the opportunity to contribute to The Westside Express is a privilege that fills me with great excitement and gratitude. It is a platform through which I can share my writing with the newspaper’s readers, and this prospect fills me with enthusiasm.

The chance to connect with readers through my writing is a truly wonderful opportunity, one that I eagerly embrace with open arms. I am eager to embark on this journey of writing for a newspaper, and I hope my words will resonate with the readers.

Since I also enjoy writing fiction, the prospect of writing my own novel beckons with allure just beyond the horizon. However, I am aware of the craftsmanship demanded to create an enduring work.

I maintain a firm belief that one day my creative writing will result in a published novel that will resonate with many readers. With each stroke of the pen (or rather, each press of the key on my laptop), I inch closer toward that goal

For now, the prospect of sharing my writing with the readers of The Westside Express fills me with both anticipation and excitement.

Martina Bekasha