Before you vote for California’s Proposition 1, the so-called “Treatment not Tents,” please see the figures below.

Through the Homeless Housing, Assistance and Prevention Grant Program implemented in 2017, Merced County alone has since received the following amounts in over five phases: $663,533, $303,329, $338,893, $909,988, $849,322, $1,136,537, $1,066,317, $1,127,384 and $1,081,625.

Questions: Where has this astounding amount of money gone? And why are there still so many homeless in our county?

This amount of money — with so little information available on how it was even utilized, where it ended up versus the numbers we see every day still living unhoused—it just does not compute.

Those involved are only a limited group of people who do not communicate with the public or do business with people outside the group relationships between local city governments in California and homeless organizations—leading to a lot of money being spent on failing projects so bureaucrats and activists can dip their hands into the pot.

The result, as we see, is more homeless encampments, promoting more shady deals and kickbacks that do nothing to solve the problem. The cycle is never-ending in California’s cities, with everyone knowing that another few billion dollars of taxpayer monies will be shelled out to “fix the problems.”

The Homeless Industrial Complex has created what is now a very lucrative scam for public bureaucrats, dominating “nonprofits” and politically connected developers—but it’s not working for anyone else.

I encourage you to vote NO on CA Proposition 1. It is yet another in a series of taxpayer money grabs.

Julie Creighton

Los Banos

The Westside Express