The Firebaugh Rotary Club is on the move and members not only want the community to take notice, but also to join in.

The service club, which currently numbers about 25 active members, recently completed two projects to enhance the lives of Firebaugh’s senior citizens and local college students.

Rotary member Stephanie Gonzales said that the club recently purchased several items to enhance the city’s very active Senior Center.

Dubbed “The Senior Lounge Project,” Rotarians purchased and placed several items to enhance the experience of seniors. The project includes new recliners, a fireplace, comfortable couches, and a new large screen television.  These items will make the center even more inviting to seniors who come in every day for fellowship — and Bingo.

“This inviting setup goes beyond mere comfort,” Gonzales explained. “It weaves a tapestry of serenity, beckoning seniors to unwind and revel in moments of connection and camaraderie.”

She added that the large screen television will become a conduit for shared experiences, whether it’s a classic western, news, sports events and educational programs.

“The atmosphere is a subtle invitation to linger, fostering an environment where laughter, stories and the exchange of wisdom become the very heartbeat of the senior community,” Gonzales added. “The lounge is not merely a room filled with furniture, but a manifestation of the Rotary Club’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of life for Firebaugh’s seniors.”

The other recent project was to provide “fuel” for students at the West Hills College Firebaugh Center.

The Club joined with the college to help “nurture the minds that will shape our future,” according to Gonzales.

Rotarians have sponsored the creation of a fully-furnished coffee station within the college campus.

“The coffee station is more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee,” Gonzales explained.  “It symbolizes a commitment to supporting the hardworking and ambitious students who, against various odds, pursue their dreams of attaining higher education degrees.

“These two projects exemplify the Firebaugh Rotary Club’s dedication to community enrichment by investing in the well-being of our seniors and supporting the educational aspirations of students.”

Club members are also preparing for their biggest fund-raiser of the year, their annual golf tournament.  Gonzales said that it is scheduled to take place on Friday, May 10th, at the Madera Golf & Country Club.

The Firebaugh Rotary Club is currently conducting a membership drive to attract new members. The group meets every Wednesday morning at the Blue Flame Diner. The breakfast meeting starts at 7 a.m.






David Borboa