A group of ladies from Firebaugh have come together to assist local women and their families who are going through life-changing events.

The organization is called “Women Helping Women” and was formed a little over a year ago as a way of assisting local families and bring the community of Firebaugh closer together.

Debbie Mendoza, a member of the group, said that their first endeavor was to help local resident Mayra Martinez, who is battling leukemia.  A luncheon was organized at the Blue Flame Diner, and a raffle was also included.  All the proceeds from the event went to the Martinez family as she continues her battle.

The group, which totals about 10 members, organized their next ‘helping’ event, this time for Maria Maciel, who lost a son to cancer.  A Paint Nite was held at the Firebaugh/Mendota Methodist Church with a $15 entry as well as another raffle.

With the group now getting established, another fundraiser, a ladies’ luncheon, and fashion show, was held.

“This fundraiser was for us, so we could get some ‘seed’ money for future events and projects,” Mendoza explained. “It was held at the Parker home, and it was very successful.”

The group’s next charitable event will be this Sunday, again at the Blue Flame.  It will benefit resident Vicky Fuentes-Torres, who has endured the loss of a son to cancer and recently lost her husband to the same disease.

The event will be a Sunday Brunch, along with another raffle.

“We are limited to 60 people, and we would like men to come and participate,” said Mendoza.  Tickets can be purchased at the restaurant, she added.

But this is just part of what the organization is doing.  Recently, they organized a once-a-month event at the Firebaugh Senior Center where two local hair stylists came out and gave free haircuts.

“The Firebaugh Rotary Club heard what we were doing and decided to buy a couple of chairs and a television for the center’s use,” said Mendoza.

All of this is simply an effort to help the community.

“If a person or a family is going through a life-impacting event, please contact us,” said Mendoza. “We want to reach people in Firebaugh who need help.” For more information, contact Mendoza (559-695-1044) or Stephanie Gonzales (559-250-6530).



Local resident Mayra Martinez, her husband Mike, and daughters Juliette, Nickali, and Abby were the recipients of a fund-raiser organized by Women helping Women.
David Borboa