Dan Martin’s June retirement ended an 80-year cycle of commitment to the Los Banos educational community. This dedicated family has impacted the lives of thousands of children in this community.

All the teachers in this family, except for Helen Jones (Taylor) were educated by the Los Banos school system from kindergarten to graduation from Los Banos High school. After college graduation, the members of the family chose to give back by teaching the future students of Los Banos.

Dan’s grandmother, Helen Jones (Taylor) began her teaching career in 1943 at the Hamburg Ranch School. Following her example, both of her daughters Charlene Jones Martin and Helen Jones McColloch March, three of her grandsons, Chuck Martin, Joe McColloch, Dan Martin and one granddaughter, Mykel McColloch Arretche, became teachers in the Los Banos District and by funny coincidence each of her grandson’s married teachers. (Debbie Martin, Lori McColloch, Lynn Martin)

When Hamburg Ranch School closed, Grandma Helen along with the students and staff were integrated into Charleston Elementary School. Grandma Helen lived in the Volta School District and was elected to the Volta Board of Trustees (before unification).

Later she began teaching at Volta school and then became the principal of Volta School for several years. Grandma Helen, retired after a 35-year career in 1978.

Grandma Helen’s daughter, Charlene Jones married Leon Martin. Leon became a teacher and football coach. He was the first principal of Los Banos Junior High School, as well as, principal of Los Banos High School. Leon retired from the district in 1989 after 31 years of service.

Charlene Martin was an elementary teacher and worked as the resource teacher at Los Banos Elementary, R. M. Miano Elementary and Henry Miller Elementary. She retired in 2000 after 34 years of teaching.

Joe McColloch’s first teaching job was at Volta School, then Los Banos Elementary, before becoming the dean of students and vice principal of Los Banos High School. Joe ended his 25-year career as principal of Westside Union Elementary.  

Charles (Chuck) Martin’s first teaching job was at R. M. Miano Elementary School. Then he followed in the footsteps of his grandmother (30 years prior) when he became the principal of Volta Elementary School, then moved to be principal of Henry Miller Elementary. Eventually becoming assistant superintendent in the Los Banos Unified School District. Chuck worked for 20 years in the Los Banos School District.

Dan Martins’s career included teaching at both the elementary and junior high levels, dean of students at the Los Banos High School and principal of Los Banos High. Following that assignment, he concluded his career as the director of child welfare and attendance and was the first principal of the newly formed transitional kindergarten school.

The retirement of Dan Martin from the Los Banos Unified School District marks the completion of this family’s 80-year legacy of continuous work and dedication to the students and families of Los Banos.

The family teaching tradition continues as two of Grandma Helen’s great grandchildren, Megan McColloch (Grijalva) and Jake Martin are also teachers. 

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