Our FFA AG foods teacher, Stuart McCullough created his own duck call company, SM McCullough Calls during quarantine 2020. Boredom was the factor in motivating him to do something with his spare time. He had a lot of free and uninterrupted time, allowing him the ability to fulfill his duck calling hobby. He said that he always wanted to make his own call.

McCullough started competing in duck calling professionally back in 1997. He competed in over 130 professional contests. He said his reason for wanting his own duck call was because “One day when I’m gone, I’ll still be hunting.” Leaving behind his own mark on the industry is important for him. McCullough’s main goal with his duck call company is to contribute and give back to our environment with his duck calls.

Making a duck call is not easy. It takes McCullough about an hour and a half to create his handmade duck calls. “I’m not there to make a million dollars. I’m not there to take market share, but I’m there to say we made a nice quality duck call.”

He decided to create this company out of something he loves to do other than teach students about the world of food. McCullough’s skills he has gained from his duck calling include teamwork and how to create things with his own hands.

He has spent many years and time with other callers to create these duck calls. “Almost anybody can make a duck call.” McCullough encourages others to try to create their own duck calls or even start their own company.

Competing professionally in duck calling has always been a passion for him. He won over 30 competitions at the regional and state levels which qualified him to compete at the world competition several times.

Out of his 30 professional competitions, he placed in the top four 86 percent of the time. He has traveled to compete in other states such as Kansas City and Michigan, along with many other places nationwide.

He said he never competed for the money, he did it for the fun and relationships he has created with other competitors and fellow hunters who share his passion for the outdoors.

McCullough does not compete as much nowadays.  Now he is behind the scenes as a judge for these duck calling competitions and even judged the world competition in 2011 and 2013 held in Arkansas. His involvement over the years has brought him a lot of learning experience, and he is only continuing to expand his company and experiences with his duck calls.

McCullough has coached high school students and other individuals interested in competing in the sport as well. He has coached four different world champions over the last ten years. Maybe one day, his own duck call will leave a mark in the competition world by producing a world champion.

Stuart McCullough displays some of his duck calls he made on a stand created by the metal shop and teacher Larry Borelli.
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