Hello again Westside gardeners!

This week, I thought, I would share an example of an arborist report.

If anyone out there, has an establish mature tree, I highly recommend, having an Arborist come out and give you a report. This should be done before any work is performed.


Mr. John Doe

4626 Sierra Madre

Santa Barbara, Ca. 93110

“Mark Koehler-Certified Arborist

805 698-0608

State Cont. Lic 751997

“The following program is recommended for certain trees on this property. In addition, to a thorough tree health care program. Including, identifying potential risk or hazardous conditions.

“Scope of tree work

“Prune Valley Oak (2) located at back yard. (1) near greenhouse and one on slope, according to the following specifications.

“1. Clean to remove all dead, diseased and broken branches 1/2 in diameter and larger throughout crown to improve health and appearance and reduce risk of branch failure.

“2. Tin crown to remove approximately 10% of live branches to reduce crown density.

“3. Deep root feeding. Inoculation of essential elements and mycorrhiza”

Reports like this are greatly beneficial to the long-term health and support of your lawn.

Mark Koehler is an arborist and master gardener in Los Banos, who has degrees in Landscape Architecture and Landscape Horticulture from UC Berkeley and Northeastern University. Questions for Mark can be sent to markgardenguru@gmail.com.