Mother’s Day is celebrated twice locally. In the United States, Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May. Many families also recognize Mexican Mother’s Day which always is May 10. Locals cheer all mothers.

According to 34 percent of adults dine out on Mother’s Day with 24 percent eating out for the morning meal. Breakfast out is a great way to start Mom’s special day.

Abby’s Diner at the Y, 16447 Highway 33, is owned by Ramon and Ana Gomez. Locally, it is a go-to place for American and Mexican style breakfasts. Ramon named the diner after his sister to attract customers for either cuisine.

A hot breakfast starts the day right. On Mother’s Day the family can have a nutritious start without messing up mom’s kitchen.

Chunky sausage gravy is a local favorite. Eggs served with a choice of meat are popular. The linguica serving is unbelievably plentiful.

Abby’s Diner is famous for their special menudo recipe that is served on the weekends. Folks even come from San Jose to get that special taste they crave.

Ruben spent many years perfecting his menudo recipe. He recalls that when he first started making menudo locally, people were not excited about it. He asked customers what they preferred.

For background, Ramon’s family-owned restaurants in California for more than 100 years. He was using family recipes developed over time at a restaurant in Oakland. Those recipes catered to Californians’ taste. Here in the Westside, though, customers prefer a more authentic Mexican flavor. Ramon adjusted the menudo ingredients to create a savory delight now in demand.

After talking about menudo, Ramon mentioned other soup specialties at Abby’s. Besides breakfast, the mom might enjoy a hearty daytime meal.

Cocido, cozido in Portuguese, is another specialty. Cocido is a general term for any beef and vegetable soup. Since cocido is a general dish, it usually has a qualifier. Abby’s prepares it Calso de Res style. This means the bones, meat and marrow combine for a special flavor.

Ramon explains, “To be good the broth must be made with bones that have plenty of meat. When meaty bones are not available, we cannot make cocido. It would not taste right.”

Albondigas is a traditional meatball soup that is hearty for dinner. Another option, birria is marinated beef served in the cooking sauce.

Other soups are not beef based. Pozole is a pork soup with hominy. Shrimp soup and chicken soup are menu regulars. Shrimp and chicken are in high protein but relatively low in calories.

Ramon commented, “You would be surprised how many customers order soup for dinner in the summer. After working all day, grabbing something quick for breakfast and eating a cold lunch, people want something hot and nourishing.”

Many customers go to Abby’s Diner for the cactus dishes. Scrambled with egg, cactus is excellent in burritos. Sautéed in a sauce, it is great with eggs.

Ramon explains that it is important to get the right cactus, as “The time of harvest is critical. Cacti must be harvested in the early morning. The fruit sours in sunlight.”

Pupusa, a thick griddle cake, is a Salvadorian specialty. The cake can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients including cheese and loroco buds. It is traditionally served with cabbage slaw or tomato salsa.

Customers at Abby’s diner love to do menu add-ons. Ramon is proud that the staff prepares whatever diners desire if the ingredients are available. Customers make lots of requests.

Join the folks eating out to celebrate motherhood. Whatever the cultural preferences of the family’s matriarch, enjoy a meal out locally for Mother’s Day.

Janet Miller

Janet Miller is a freelance writer specializing in family faith. She offers Family Prayers and Activities: Weekly Guides on compact disc for families to explore the Bible together. Email