The winner of this year’s Los Banos Elks Club Americanism Essay Contest is Mathew Gomez, a student in Mrs. Chase’s sixth grade class at Miano Elementary School. His essay has been forwarded to the state level competition.
The theme of this year’s contest was “What Is Your American Dream?
Printed below, with the permission and encouragement of Miano Elementary School, is Mathew Gomez’s essay.
My American Dream
The reason why I want to become a veterinarian is because I want to help and save all animals. Nurses help us humans, why not help animals as well. I could help the pets, play with the pets, and I also want to make them feel better.
Seven months ago, my grandpa’s Chihuahua died, and I was crying so much that I don’t want other owners to have the same pain. I like helping animals and doing my job. These are the animals I want to save: dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, and turtles. Those five are my favorite pets.
I would save all pets just how nurses help all of us. Some pets are playful like dogs, cats, and bunnies and I don’t want other owners to lose those happy moments.
They are also very cute, and I don’t want them to lose their pets. People say that pets don’t have feelings, but they do and that’s why pets are special. They’re also special because they are caring, sweet, and playful.
I want to help them, clean them, and take care of them. When I was little I always wanted to be a person who can help people and help animals. I love helping so much that whenever my mom or my dad get sick I get them what they need and I help comfort them.
I’m actually excited to take college classes when I become a man. That way I could learn how to help animals and take care of animals.
One of my favorite things about helping is making people feel safe. If a person gets hurt I just help them out, and make sure they feel okay. So I might be a student ambassador and that would be my very first job. I’m excited to be a vet.

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