Los Banos Community 4H reporter

The 4-H pledge is a reminder to all members to live by the 4 H’s: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.

One line from the pledge we wish to work on in this new, upcoming 4-H year is, “As a true 4-Her, I pledge my head to clearer thinking.”

Our officer team has taken time to clear our thoughts and focus on the year ahead in our annual planning meeting. We focused on our goals, planned out our activities, and set up our budget.

With a plan in place, we start to think about what we can do individually to grow into better people and better leaders.

We decide how much time we have to commit to 4-H and make a list of the projects we want to complete that will help us meet our goals. We put the ones we enjoy the most at the top of the list.

Many do not realize all of the different things a member can participate in through 4-H.

The 22 projects we offer this year include: arts & crafts, dairy, beef, swine, sewing, communications, leadership development, mini members, woodworking, outdoor adventures, rabbits, poultry, cooking, community pride, drones, floral design, food preservation, goats, marine biology, and photography.

The 4-H programs offered in Los Banos can keep any youth busy doing worthy activities, growing, and building relationships.

We have already started helping in our community by donating monthly to local food pantries and animal shelters. As well, we have begun working on Thanksgiving meals for those who need some extra help. Some of you may have seen us serving at local Golden Age dinners.

Wherever we see a need, we find a way to be there.

Being a part of 4-H means belonging to a group that encourages commitment to things that are of great importance, bigger than ourselves, that benefit others and the world around us.

If you know a youth in kindergarten to 19 years old who might be interested in joining 4-H, it’s not too late.

We meet as a club on the second Monday of each month at 1248 Santa Barbara Drive. Registration closes in December.

Contact our club manager, Kathi Hendrickson, at (209) 675-0853 for more information.

The 4H Pledge:

I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service,
and my health to better living,
for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

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