As we approach Veterans Day, the word “honor” comes to my mind. Honor is something that is lacking in our society today. It seems that people are in the mindset to demand honor but are not willing to honor others. I observe the veterans that I know personally, and I see them exemplify true honor for God, our country, and other people. We can learn a great deal from the values that our veterans display every day.

The biblical principle of honor is seen in Romans 12:10 (NIV) which says, “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.” At the heart of true honor is brotherly love. That common affection for our fellow man is the foundation of honor. Honor considers other people above our own self. This viewpoint would transform our society if we would get back to this mindset. The Greek word for “honor” in this verse means, to value or esteem of the highest degree. Maybe that is at the core of our issue, we do not value one another as much as we should.

I encourage everyone, as we give honor to those who have served our country in the military, to take a look at how we honor other people. May we be intentional about changing how we value others in our heart and esteem one another by our actions. Let’s restore honor once again in our nation by honoring God first and foremost, then by honoring one another every day. May love overcome the hatred we see each day so that God can bless the United States of America once again.

I would like to offer a personal “Thank You” to every man and woman that has served our country, to purchase and preserve the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans every day. Even with all of our issues as a country, I believe we are still the greatest nation on the earth. This is largely due to the great people who have served our great nation. May each of you receive the honor that is due to your life and service.

The Westside Express