It is now the fall season. Later this month, we get to “fall back” for an extra hour of sleep. The fall season is the Holiday Time that we all look forward to… or at least a lot of us do. However, the “Holidays”, for some, are a time of difficulty and depression. New Beginnings is sensitive to this trauma in so many. Because of this sensitivity, New Beginnings starts a weekly class on Oct. 17, “Surviving The Holidays”. All interested can go the New Beginnings website,, and sign up. New Beginnings believes that this class can help in bringing joy out of sadness, and light out of darkness.

On Oct. 31,  New Beginnings is also bringing light to darkness, joy to the frightening, and community to isolation with Harvest Funfest. Oct. 31 is “Halloween”, where fright, fear, darkness, and isolation are observed. The parking lot already has an abundance of light, that will be enhanced on that day, with “tracker lights”, visible from anywhere in Los Banos. There will be joy with all the games, jump houses, and raffle prizes. There will be community instead of isolation, as families are invited to come together. All, regardless of church affiliation (or none) are included in this invitation to celebate.

Harvest Funfest was developed out of desire to see a safe and fun event on what Halloween. Scripture records that “a merry heart does good like a medicine”. New Beginnings has experienced the largest event at Halloween with more than 2,000 in attendance in prior years. In spite of the needed closure because of the pandemic, New Beginnings is so glad to do these types of events and activities to truly be a benefit to the city of Los Banos and the surrounding community.

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