If you have commuted long enough, there is a sophisticated dichotomy that plays out in your head. The first being that you have to pay strict attention to the road. The second, is you can’t just sit in silence on your journey. Over the years I’ve discussed this very topic with some of my commuting buddies and interesting enough, the auto entertainment is all over the board.

So let’s take a deeper look at how we keep entertained on the road.  The news channel KCBS 740 AM was a big favorite of mine for years. They give a national/local perspective, cover a myriad of topics from cooking, festivals, sports, and entertainment. You really got to know the reporters, their reporting styles, and also knew who was going to misread a topic. Some reporters even cough (and fight to clear their voice on air) which provided a few laughs. This happened frequently.

If you love sports, KNBR 680 AM is a definite go-to. The issue? I have listened for more than 20 years and some of the most colorful talents have either retired, or have been shown the door. Now I do have to say I was surprised at the number of commuters who listen to KNBR. When a sports conversation would arise, KNBR would be the source of an opinion among commuters. All that said, since sports has not been of normal schedule since COVID, the overall Idea of sports has waned for me. COVID started to create a dark cloud on several levels.

As an essential business during the start of COVID, our volume leveled up dramatically. As a business, we were experiencing beyond what the mind could imagine. Rude customers, staff shortages, illness, product shortages, and the ultimate worst scenario . . . not knowing when your order will arrive. I am not far off from this analogy when I say, “Imagine standing under a waterfall with a Dixie cup.”

I now needed a new entertainment platform. I found this in SIRUS XM comedy channels. Who ever said “laughter is the best medicine “was spot on.  I then began to hop in my vehicle and listen to comedy non-stop on my morning and evening drives. Comedy has kept me centered in this new normal of our daily lives.  The best, is on my evening commute home a comedian has me in a full on belly laugh. It was at the eastbound light at Walmart, laughing to the point I am hitting my head on the headrest at the light. I got a few smiles because they get it.

Now, we can’t leave out the digital music formats that also take our mind to a happy place.  Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and the like, that fill the void. There is nothing like walking through the door of your home after blasting your favorite tunes, just before entering your castle. Your demeanor is positive, and there is a smile on your face. Every day is a new day, and this recipe of happiness changes and evolves. This is how some of us brave the commute. Safe travels my friends.

Rob Robinson