Dear Editor,

Here at 3V Farms we have nothing but respect for the office of the president. However, due to the policies of the current administration, we simply cannot afford to grow our usual amount of fruits/vegetables for our stand.

With gas prices so high and still rising, it costs us over $200 per week to keep the water pump going. We don’t make that much without significantly increasing our prices.

We do have a small amount planted and will probably have a self-serve option available soon. You can always contact us to see what we have available. All pricing is donation only.

DJ: 209-675-0764

Jen: 209-704-0728

We’ll miss seeing you all this year. We’ll keep you posted on whether or not we’ll have pumpkins. If we do, it will be a limited amount.

3V Farms

Dos Palos

The Westside Express