Besides extensive discussion regarding the termination of city manager Josh Pinheiro, the Los Banos City Council approved two action items at its July 6 meeting.

Council members adopted the First Amended Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) for portions of the Delta-Mendota Subbasin, an amendment to the current plan that has already been adopted.

The council also adopted the development of two multi-family structures totaling 18,136 square feet with 16 residential units, located at 1133 F Street, south of the Macarthur Apartments.

During the public forum, two persons who appeared at previous city council meetings returned and spoke about the ongoing issue between residents of Rancho Mobile Homes Park on East Pacheco Boulevard and nearby homeless individuals.

Chandra Lewis, assistant manager of the mobile homes park, gave an update on the fence that was erected by the police department last February as a temporary solution: “If you notice, your fencing for your homeless containment is torn up. There are sections missing.”

Malina Duran

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