As folks plan ways to celebrate the Fourth of July, buying fireworks is high on lists. Locally, nonprofit organizations use fireworks sale profits to fund causes.

Within the city limits of Dos Palos, two youth groups benefit from fireworks sales. The girls’ softball teams sell Phantom Fireworks, while cheer teams sell TNT Fireworks.

Rebecca Navarro reports that the Phantom Fireworks stand will be open June 29 through July 4 from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. They are located on the west side of Highway 33 after Blossom Street when heading south.

Phantom advertises that they are America’s Premier Fireworks Retailer. According to their website buyers travel the world seeking new products.

The Phantom website has information about fireworks categorized by state. In California fireworks may only be sold from June 28 through July 4. Purchasing customers must be 18 years old.

The state provides a list of allowable fireworks. The list permits specific fireworks including hand-held sparkling devises but not wire and wooden stick sparklers. Flitter sparklers called morning glory cannot exceed 10 inches in length or ¼ inch in diameter.

Cylinder and cones fountains are allowed. Many other types of fireworks are listed. Customers can be confident that fireworks purchased from a Phantom stand meet the requirements on the approved list issued by the State Fire Marshal which is updated annually.

The state has a list of specifically forbidden fireworks. The forbidden list includes but is not limited to firecrackers, rockets, and roman candles. The forbidden list states chemicals and products that cannot be in fireworks including gunpowder.

The Phantom website at has safety information about firework usage. The company cautions against children handling fireworks and the importance of adult supervision. Adults handling fireworks must abstain from alcohol and drugs.

The Phantom website offers an abundance of other information about fireworks safety. It is good to review this information with children. Seeing cautions on a webpage might have a greater impact than hearing mom or dad.

The softball girls work in the heat to earn funds needed for their sport and to build college scholarship funds. Firework proceeds go towards buying new equipment and paying umpires.

Becky sends a heartfelt thank you to all the coaches, parents, and community members who come out to help with girls’ softball. She adds, “Thank you to everyone in the community who buys fireworks to support the scholarship fund which helps girls continue their dreams. We, the girls and I, appreciate all the work and contributions that are needed to support girls’ softball in our community.”

The TNT Fireworks stand is adjacent to the DES hall on Highway 33 in Dos Palos. Candice Jacobo states that proceeds benefit youth cheer in Dos Palos. In the past, firework proceeds have been used for competition fees, choreography, and music.

At click California on the dropdown menu. Seventy-five fireworks available in California are described in detail. The TNT website reminds everyone that although California issues an approval list, restrictions apply in some areas.

For each item, there is a video, called a 3D preview, showing how it performs with a slow-motion option. The videos are fun and informative to help select exactly the right fireworks.

TNT products contain a special patented glow fuse. This makes finding the fuse in the dark easy.

To set up a fireworks display, choose an area that is clear and open with a hard surface. Spectators should be seated away from the display and not downwind. If there is a strong wind, do not use the fireworks.

Establish a water source, a hose or a bucket of water, for emergencies. Thoroughly soak spent fireworks and possible duds. Have bricks or a bucket filled with sand to brace large items when igniting.

Try to use all fireworks that are purchased. Store any leftovers in a dry place and secured away from the children.

One of my sons begins Independence Day by having his family read together the Declaration of Independence. This is a powerful reminder of why we celebrate the day. While waiting for dark to enjoy fireworks festivities with family and friends, share why the day is important.

Shop locally at fireworks stands that support nonprofit organizations. Have a safe and fun holiday.

Janet Miller

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