At its June 22 meeting the Los Banos Planning Commission reviewed the development of two commercial structures with drive-thru windows totaling 5,800 square feet. The project will be located at 1443 W Pacheco Blvd within the Stone Creek Plaza. 

One of the structures will be an Ono Hawaiian BBQ restaurant and the other available structure was referred to as “Pad B.”  

The Planning Commission gave feedback to the applicant about the architecture, landscape and exterior lighting of the project. No formal action was taken. 

Associate Planner Rudy Luquin presented the design review study session to the Planning Commission.  

“The Ono Hawaiian building will consist of 2,350 square feet, along with the outside dining area.” Luquin said. “Pad B will be 3,450 square feet with a 374 square foot patio.” 

Luquin noted that approximately 37 plants will supplement the structures throughout the project site, including 4 different tree species and 5 shrub and ground cover species. 

To maintain consistency with the Stone Creek Plaza, the applicant and planning staff blended the architectural Spanish mission theme of the plaza and the seaside theme typical of Ono Hawaiian BBQ restaurants. 

The project architect shared the thoughts behind the design process of the restaurant:  “What made the best marriage was to create these tower elements and put the deep set opening with the beveled edges and beveling on the top corners. What Ono is really going for is a Hawaiian seaside shack vibe.”  

Planning Commission Chair John Cates complimented the architecture of the future restaurant, “I love the way you married the two,” referring to the Spanish mission and coastal theme. 

When Commissioner Kathrine Uhley asked if the restaurant towers will be illuminated, the architect replied that there will be downlighting on the building but said that he will consider the idea of illuminated towers. 

There were no commissioner reports at the conclusion of the meeting. 

Other members of the Los Banos Planning Commission, besides Cates and Uhley, are Christopher Perrecone, Elias Reyes and Rob Robinson.