The newest member of the Dos Palos Police Department is a born-and-bred Bronco.

Jose Guzman recently returned to his hometown after a stint with the Fresno Police Department.  The 24-year-old graduated from DPHS in 2017 and played varsity soccer for four years for the Broncos.  From there he went to the Fresno City College Police Academy.

Besides sports, Officer Guzman said he enjoys spending time with his family, and it must take up a lot of time. He comes from a family of two brothers and five sisters.  He is also engaged to be married and has a one-year-old son.

As a Dos Palos native, Guzman has a deep love for his hometown as well as his new department.

“My impression of the Dos Palos Police Department is great,” he said. “It’s really a community-oriented policing department. This department really cares about the community and making sure that our job is being done so that everyone feels safe and no crime happens in our town.  And we really get involved with the community.”

Dos Palos Police Chief Cliff Battles noted that Guzman’s ‘hometown’ experience is an asset.

“Officer Guzman has been a great addition to the department,” said Chief Battles. “He brings a knowledge of his hometown which benefits both the department and the citizens of Dos Palos.  Currently, Officer Guzman is assigned to patrol and just completed his field training and is now a solo officer.”

Chief Battles also said that in conjunction with the Dos Palos school district, the department has one School Resource Officer (SRO) working at local school sites.

Officer Thomas Leonard is currently stationed at Bryant Middle School, said Battles.

“For now, he is tasked with handling all of the schools within the district, and I am in the middle of hiring a second SRO,” the chief explained. “Since taking over as chief, I believe the partnership with the school district is better than it ever has been.  We coordinate and work very well together to ensure the safety of the children and staff of the district.”

David Borboa