Firebaugh alumni proudly congratulate our new Inductees: Cheryl Craddock, Carol Ledford and Frank Gomes. They will be honored on Nov 4 at the Firebaugh Rodeo Grounds. The Eagle Wall of Honor will be holding its annual dinner, and silent auction. All proceeds will fund two academic scholarships and one vocational scholarship.

These exceptional people were selected because of their many outstanding contributions.

Cheryl Craddock served as an RN for Firebaugh-Las Deltas Unified School District for several years, 1978-2005. Throughout her years at the district, her utmost goal was to be a nurse who dedicated her knowledge to the wellbeing of each and every student throughout all campuses.

She exemplified compassion, love and an understanding that all children are unique. From adolescence to pre-teens, she provided the best healthcare a school could possibly offer with care even extending outside of the school.

Cheryl dedicated herself to finding programs that would facilitate the betterment of both students and family. She coordinated migrant clinics, sharing information with families about assistance they can receive from the various programs being offered.

Bailey school benefitted from her establishment of the PIP program, commonly known as “Special Friends.” This program was especially designed for our young primary students, allowing them to have a personal weekly hour of one-on-one.

In 1997, Cheryl was named Fresno County Superintendent of Schools Employee of the Year for her many years and endless dedication to students and their parents. Retirement from being the district’s school nurse came in 2005. Today Cheryl can still be found participating in Firebaugh High’s Senior Portfolio Day where she finds herself interacting with her former students.

Carol Ledford joined FLDUSD in 1990. She started within the newly established PIP program, “Special Friends,” lending her love and patience towards selected children who would benefit from her undivided attention. Following her time at Bailey school she was offered the vital, demanding and committed position of the first Associated Student Body Secretary.

Carol worked closely with the students and their many ASB clubs, ensuring their financial fundraising success. She managed all home sports events and school dances with the goal of ensuring that these activities ran smoothly and efficiently, while maintaining longevity.

Firebaugh High personnel and students noted they found Carol easy to work with. She is trustworthy, kind-hearted, spirited, dedicated, and holds an unwavering passion to help all those around her.

Carol retired in 2011 from the district yet remains an advocate and avid supporter of FHS Sports and plays an important role in organizing and raising funds for the school.

A very motivated Frank Gomes embraced all that would move the small town of Firebaugh forward. During the important time of the unification of Firebaugh and Las Deltas, Frank held a position on the school board of the Firebaugh School District.

He worked hard with Mr. Morris, Kyle Jr. and other members of the community to make the move to unify the two districts. Having a local high school would greatly enhance the town of Firebaugh. Firebaugh High was established in 1976. Frank continued to serve as trustee/president for a total of 12 years.

Frank participated as a band booster which helped support the needs of the Eagle band. He helped create fundraising for new uniforms, marching equipment, concert items and band essentials, which undoubtedly helped and benefited the students.

Frank worked alongside Firebaugh High’s American Field Service (AFS) student foreign exchange program and its success. Frank would lend his outstanding voice as an announcer at football and baseball games, as well as swim meets.

His participation in this capacity kept him connected to many students, and his love for Firebaugh’s students and families continues to this day. This is evident when he attends Firebaugh school functions, endlessly offering his support to the many different organizations.

Love of community, love of education and love of people best describe Frank Gomes

Firebaugh students and community appreciate all our new Inductees’ attributes and dedication to Firebaugh-Las Deltas Unified School District.

We invite you to our Eagle Wall of Honor dinner and silent auction to be held on Nov. 4 at the Firebaugh Rodeo Grounds.

Tickets are now available.

For more information contact: Patti Valdez Tashjian 559-360-5348 or Tracy Austin Kreighbaum 559-908-5234.

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