There’s a new Pharmacy in Los Banos.

Madhu Vanga has been in the pharmacy business for over 25 years. He has also worked in other pharmacies like the Rite Aid chain where he opened another location in Atwater. Vanga also ran a store in Seattle and he was even licensed in Canada.

Vanga chose to open the pharmacy here in Los Banos because he saw the need for an independently owned pharmacy. He observed the many chains in the area and discovered that they were all giving the same services.

Vanga opened his Atwater location before the COVID shutdown. He was able to remain open and operating throughout lockdown and continues to serve the community long after restrictions have lifted. He has been able to give his clients the attention and service they require in good times and in bad. Vanga knows that their pharmacy is capable of being there for their clients 24/7 and is excited to offer the same great service to the Los Banos community.

Vanga stated, “This new pharmacy is different from the others because we are there for the customers’ personalized services that the chains cannot offer.”

Vanga says that Best West Pharmacy is able to offer cash prices that no other chain or independent pharmacy can, stating “Our cash prices are the lowest in the valley.” He knows that they are able to take care of all their customers.

The goal for this new pharmacy is to leave something for the community of Los Banos. Vanga wants to leave something great for his final stop. He wants to know that he took care of his community by the time he retires.

Best West Pharmacy advertises that they take all types of insurance, including MediCal, MediCare and MedicAid.

Best West Pharmacy is also hiring and currently accepting applications. Drop off your application in their office during their office hours. They are open from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Its location is 400 West I St.

Vanga’s message to the community is, “Come and try and see the difference in experiences in your service. If you don’t like it you don’t have to come back but if you do, come back!”

Kamiliannah Eseroma