A new Age Defying MediSpa is now open at 311 West I Street on the second floor of the Apex Medical Building.

The spa offers services such as Xeo Pearl-Laser Skin Resurfacing, Laser Spider Vein removal, Laser Hair removal, Botox and Collagen Fillers that will help with tone and texture, fine lines, deep wrinkles, brown spots, pigmentation, excess freckles, and scarring.

MediSpa services were available in a Modesto office in 1998, but due to the local demand Dr. Devireddy and Registered Nurse Debbie Perry were inspired to open a new day spa on I Street in Los Banos.

The Apex Medical Group building was opened in 2005 and with the addition of the MediSpa in 2014, the location now offers all the services without having to drive to Modesto.

Perry said the feedback she received from locals encouraged her and Dr. Devireddy to offer the services in Los Banos so that “people would not need to travel miles for these services.”

To help our community gain confidence within themselves, Perry said that “the vision is to have Dr. Devireddy and myself, who are highly skilled professionals, help the community and patients achieve their aesthetic goals, offer a variety of treatments that will help a patient regain confidence, and pamper their face and body as they deserve.”

Perry remarked that the spa reached a novel milestone in having the first-ever FDA approved Avi Clear Laser Acne treatment to treat acne and that they have also built a dependable reputation in the community for the medical services they already offer so that patients feel more comfortable than going somewhere where they are unsure of the provider and staffing.

When asked what it was like working with Dr. Devireddy as this project is being developed, Perry said, “I have worked with Dr Devireddy for 32 years, that should say something right there. He and I both have an ongoing commitment to be in the community as trusted professionals for all the community aesthetic needs by providing them with the safest and most effective technology offered.”

Perry continued, “Dr Devireddy and I care about how a patient looks and feels from the inside out. By obtaining the most current state of the art lasers to offer these services and extensive training for our patients. Not to mention our 26 years of experience in MediSpa services.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment call 209-826-8200.

Prishaa Vala