Kevin Jones has been appointed Coordinator of Alternative Education and Student Engagement at George Christian Education Center in the Dos Palos Ora Loma School District. He filled in as interim Coordinator for the 2022-2023 school year. Previous Coordinator, Holly Crivelli, took a position in the Merced County School Office.

Jones comes to George Christian Educational Center with almost three decades of experience. He began his career 27 years ago coaching football and baseball and was a varsity head coach in both sports.

Having gained a single subject credential in Social Science, Jones studied for further credentialling. He holds a clear Education Specialist Credential and a Clear Administration Credential. He also holds a Master of Science in Special Education.

Jones explains, “As the Coordinator of Alternative Education and Student Engagement I will be responsible for overseeing the Adult Education Program. I will be the site administrator at Westside High School which serves grades 10 through 12.”

Additionally, Jones will serve as the district chair for the District’s School Attendance Review Board (SARB). This program deals with attendance regarding students in the district. As an added hat, he is chairperson for expulsions.

Glad to provide leadership for alternative education in the district, Jones adds, “I like interacting with the students on a daily basis. It is fulfilling to motivate them to be the best they can be.”

George Christian Educational Center offers a variety of programs. The facility serves students who, for various reasons, have not been successful in or have not been able to attend regular high school.

According to the George Christian mission, students continue their education at George Christian in a small school environment. The specialized curriculum helps them develop skills, habits, and attitudes for the successful pursuit of life goals.

George Christian Education Center offers different scholastic settings to meet various needs. Westside High School provides high school curriculum in a classroom environment. Community Day meets the needs of junior high-level students.

Independent Study is a teacher assisted program for youth who have specific instruction needs. Adult Education meets the needs of students over 18 years of age.

Students at Westside High School identify as the Fighting Gophers. The acronym describes expectations.

G is for Goal oriented. Know your direction and strive to get there. O is for Organized, be prepared daily. P is for Prideful. Appreciate who you are and your surroundings. H is for Honest, keep it real and upfront.

Student identity is not only for the time they are on campus. It points to the future. E is for Employable. Obtain skills in education to be marketable. R is for Respectful. Treat all as you wish to be treated. S is for Successful, so be the best you can be.

These attributes are constantly in the forefront. They are incorporated into the curriculum and daily campus life.

Jones emphasized, “George Christian Center is a great educational site with good students. The staff is awesome. The faculty would go above and beyond for all students.”

George Christian Educational Center is located at 22368 South Sixth Street, South Dos Palos.

Janet Miller

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