Pacheco High School students are holding their annual upcoming year elections for the ASB leadership class. Those who run for elected positions campaign all week with posters, flyers, social media, and many other things to put their names and hopeful positions out on campus.

During this week many students take part in helping their friends also campaign and get their names out there. I think that to the people who run for these positions, this is one of the most important events that happen on campus. Elections are super fun and it shows the pride that students have for our school.

One of the first things that happened during these elections is the social media aspect of the campaign. Almost all students have some sort of social media, and that’s one of the main points that campaigners take part in. There are flyers and information going around for at least the whole first day. These flyers not only get posted on the campaigners but the friends of those and the friends of those. It is almost like the flu; it gets passed around to all until the end has come.

The next part is to show it all around campus. This can be in posters, flyers, pictures, videos, etc. Personally, as a campaigner, I put myself out there by placing sticky notes around campus and handing them out to students saying “VOTE KAMIL 4 ASB PREZ!”. This is one-way other campaigners might also put themselves out there.

Another strategy that I have seen so far is by writing their names and hoped positions on teachers’ white boards so that it catches students’ attention when they walk into the class. There are many questions and things that students will try to hit the campaigners with to test if they’re the best option for that role.

I think that this last step is one of the most important because you have to convince your peers they can put their trust in you to uphold this position to the fullest potential. Many campaigners use persuasion, or just true facts that pertain to them. But most of the time it is the true facts pertaining to them and how they would be in that role.

The ASB elections are a fun event to show not only the pride but the competitiveness that we can bring to any situations. Yes, we do compete amongst other panthers, but it is all in fun and games. I think that we bring the fun competitiveness and not the harmful type. During this week and the elections, we show that we are the best person for this role. We show that these are serious roles to not only the person but for the school.

Being picked for a certain position by your peers is also a huge blessing because it shows that they trust you to uphold what is to come for the next year. I personally, love the election week because I get to show the campus what I am truly capable of and what I can offer to them as a whole. I love to show the school who I am and who they can put in this role to trust and depend on. Elections are the best way to show why and how you are who you are at PHS.

All in all, these ASB elections are one of the best high school experiences for not only the people who run but for the campus as a whole. We all learn and give what we can to put into these elections and we love to show who we are.

Eseroma Kamil