Los Banos residents who walk and bike along the canal trail will soon be able to go from Center Avenue to Pioneer Road, when the city removes current barriers erected as a result of sewer spillage into the canal.

According to City Engineer and Public Works director Nirorn Than, “As of Feb. 23, the canal has resumed normal operations.” The city now is waiting for the weather to improve in order “to restore the trail pavement to its original condition.”

Than believes that within two weeks of good (dry) weather, the trail restoration will be completed. Once this happens the pedestrian bridge over the canal will be open from both the north and south sides of the bridge.

In addition, once the weather improves the soil adjacent to the canal is accessible, the warning signs along the canal will be removed.

The trail, created more than 25 years ago, has been used over the years by many people of all ages, whether on foot or bikes or skateboards., especially . Currently, once the trail gets near the bridge a fence blocks users from going forward.