La Michoacana Ice Cream and Delights, 1561 Center Avenue in Dos Palos, is a new downtown business. Already, patrons are raving on their own social media posts. Some asked for La Michoacana to be featured in this column.

The building that many years ago was a car dealership has been transformed into a gleaming festive ice cream parlor. Quaint little tables invite patrons to sit and enjoy, but many customers prefer takeout.

Businessowner, Laura Mora, after having success with her La Michoacana Ice Cream shop in Los Banos, decided to open a satellite. She said, “We are happy to bring our products to people of the Dos Palos community since they have been loyal customers at our Los Banos location.”

La Michoacana’s freshly made treats include ice creams, popsicles, agua frescas, and various specialties. Products are made for both locations, Los Banos and Dos Palos, in a central kitchen.

The variety of ice cream flavors competes with nationally known brands. Basic traditional flavors include children’s favorites such as bubble gum and cotton candy. Some flavors incorporate tasty chunks of cookie, candy, and cake favorites. Several ice cream flavors resemble those sold by street vendors such as mango, guava, and acai. Adult flavors include coffee, cappuccino with almonds, yogurt, and tequila. Fruits or nuts offer a variety of choices.

The popsicle freezer is stacked neatly with rows of popsicles in many flavors. Any tasty popsicle can be dipped in chocolate and garnished with requested toppings. La Michoacana offers a choice of dairy-based and water-based ice creams and sorbets to satisfied various dietary needs. Popsicles come with similar choices.

Ice cream is served in choices of cones or cups. Fruit cups and strawberries can be topped with ice cream.

La Michoacana has a large selection of beverages. Agua frescas are freshly blended in their central kitchen. These are refreshing drinks made with whole fruit, water, and juice. They may have a bit of sweetener.

One customer commented, “Agua frescas are wonderfully refreshing in summer, but they

also light up a winter day.”

Mangonadas come in three sizes. A mangonada is a colorful beverage made with the juice of mangoes and a chili-lime condiment. The flavor balance is sweet, sour, spicy, and salty. Other beverage choices include milkshakes, frappes, and tejuino which is a fermented corn drink. Rusa drinks are traditional Mexican fruit sodas with distinct flavors such as citruses and pineapple. Boba drinks are tapioca based.

The delights shop is a go-to place for lunch and after school. Tostilocos are big sellers. A serving of corn chips is topped with tasty and nutritious ingredients such as cucumber, jicama, chamoy, chili powder, and lime juice.

Customers may be greeted by Grace, a regular employee. After having her own business, Grace is happy to have a dependable job. She comments, “I love my job here. All the coworkers get along, and the customers are great.”

Isabel, a repeat customer, comes to get treats for herself and the family. She talks with Grace about the flavors of popsicles she likes to pick up for herself and others. Isabel comments that she always feels comfortable asking about products even though some of the names are new to her. She adds, “All of the workers here are social. Everyone is friendly and ready to help.Laura states, “Our priority has been and it always will be customer satisfaction since we exist because of them. We always listen to the customers because their suggestions help us to become better.”

Step into La Michoacana and be warmly greeted by helpful staff ready to answer questions about their interesting and delicious products. The shop conveniently is open seven days a week from 11:30 a.m. until 9 p.m.